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Gear Recommendations

HEADS: Although lacrosse heads can be expensive, we believe a quality head can be very beneficial to players of all ages. Also, different heads translate better to different positions. For example, a defensive head should be wider than an offensive head due to an easier ability to pick up ground balls. Offensive head should be slightly narrower to protect the ball better against checks. Below you will find head recommendations.

Offensive Heads

Defensive Heads

Face Off Heads

Goalie Heads

Maverik Tactik

STX Hammer

String King Mark 2

Warrior Nemesis

Maverik Centrick

Maverik Tank

Warrior Burn

STX Eclipse

Maverik Optik


ECD Weapon X

Warrior Burn

Brine Edge 

Nike CEO


Warrior Evo 5x


Under Armour Command X


The Contract


STX Duell 2


True Key 


Dictator ST




Warrior Noz 2



SHAFTS: Depending on the age of a player the $50 shafts work just as good as the $100 - $200 shafts. The key is finding a shaft that looks good based on personal preferences. Once a player enters high school or the college level of play, we recommend selecting a stronger lighter material. From experience we would recommend any type of scandium or titanium shaft.

Offensive Shafts 

Defensive Shafts (Long Poles)  

Goalie Shafts

Warrior Kryptopro

Warrior Kryptopro Lyte

Maverik Wonderboy

Warrior Kryptolyte

Nike Vandal

STX Scandium Pro

Nike Vandal

STX Surgeon Sci-Ti


Maverik Range

Stringking metal


STX Stallion Scandium




GLOVES:The most important feature of the lacrosse glove is flexibility. The player should try out different gloves to find one that fits him well, where he is able to move his fingers easily and grasp the lacrosse shaft with no issues. Here are a few pairs that we believe work very well.

Offense/Defense Gloves

 Goalie Gloves

Maverik Rome RX3

 Warrior Regulator

Brine King 5

Warrior Burn

Warrior Rabil


STX Cell 3



ARM PADS:These usually vary by position as well, but again it comes down to player preference. For offensive players, we recommend getting larger arm pads to cover as much of the arm as possible to protect against stick checks. For defensive players, we recommend arm pads that are slightly smaller for greater mobility.

 Attack Elbow Pads

 Middie Elbow Pads

 Defense Elbow Pads

STX Cell 3

Warrior Rabil

STX Cell 3

STX Stallion

STX Cell 3

Maverik Rome RX-30

Maverik Rome RX-3

STX Stallion HD



SHOULDER PADS:Like arm pads and gloves, shoulder pads are all about personal preference. However, we believe having a light pair of shoulder pads with protection are the two most important factors you should look for when choosing the right pair. Below are a few recommendations for shoulder pads.


Shoulder Pads


STX Cell 3


  Maverik Rome RX-3 


Rabil Ultralyte



HELMETS: We fully support any type of Cascade helmet. They have been in the game for decades and we believe they make the best helmet today. Any type of Cascade helmet will be great for all ages. 



3rd- 12th

Cascade: Cpx-R

 K- 2nd Grade 

 Cascade: CSR, CPVR