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Team Pages

Welcome to the team pages for the 2022 Fall season. Here is where you will find all of the relevant information

    Team Pages for Each Age Group (not updated for the Fall just yet):


    Communication channels: 

    • Designed to showcase our photos, blogs and team pages. It will be the one stop for all of the information you need.
    • Remind App: This is our most used channel for communication. It's for quick updates about weather concerns, field changes, or reminder for an action. All parents must be signed up for the app:
    • Email Database: email if you'd like to be added to the email database.
    • Youth Facebook Page: Designed for both the youth girls and boys lacrosse community to converse, post about upcoming events, camps, etc.
    • Prosper Lacrosse Instagram Page: Designed for the entire Prosper Lacrosse community (youth and high school) to showcase the growth of lacrosse in Prosper.
    For teams, we are a bit different than what you might have experienced with other sports. We practice the entire grade levels together. Here are some additional details for each:
    • Pee Wee – Coach DeBolt will lead this program of Kinder/First Graders. No pads, just sticks. All first year players will get a stick from us. We’ll get started after Spring Break when it warms up a bit. It’s once a week, great intro to the sport. We’ll figure out a way to work in more game play this year, but from the parent feedback over the past two seasons, it’s been a huge success in teaching the kids the sport of lacrosse.
      Click here for details!
      Coach DeBolt: 
    • 2nd/3rd/4th graders – Coach Brian (both coaching and administration) will lead this age level and they will be strapping on the pads. Helmet, gloves, shoulder and elbow. Note, first graders are more than welcome to play up, but it will be based on skill and making sure they feel comfortable playing against all second grade teams. As of now, we have one team, but could easily create two if there are enough players. We practice all together as one team and will then break up for the games. The goal is to play games against ourselves and the nearby towns. Brian:
    • 3rd and 4th Graders – Coach Ben (coaching) and Coach Mike (administration) will lead this age level. We will have three teams this year that will be split up evenly for games. We try to keep the kids at the same school together when making the teams for game. However, please note that we practice all together regardless of the splits. Mike:
    • 5th and 6th Graders – Coach DeBolt (coaching) and Jason Genthner (administration) will lead this age level. Coach Boswell, Kobus, Bodkin, Trampas, Acha, Silva (and I know I’m missing a few) will also be helping out. We will have three teams divided up with a Fifth Grade A team , 6th Grade A Team and a combined 5/6 B Team. There will be opportunity for the B team players to swing up for the games as needed. From a league standpoint, they are combining D1 and D2 to make 4 divisions. The top 2 in each division will play for the D1 Championship (total of 8 teams); The rest will compete for the D2 Championship. D3 (where our B team will compete) will have a round robin tournament at the end of the season as well. The division of teams will be based on lacrosse skills, lacrosse IQ and overall agility. Note, check out the Wall Ball page on the website to understand one of the key metrics for dividing the teams. Jason:
    • 7th and 8th Graders – Coach Rob will be running point for both coaching and administration. Coach DeBolt, Frye, Moffatt, Carte, Wentz (and I know I’m missing a few) will be involved as well. Similar to 5/6, there will be a 7th Grade A team (Playing D2), 8th Grade A team (Playing D2) and a combined 7/8 B team that will play D3. Same as 5/6, teams will be split up by lacrosse skills, lacrosse IQ and overall agility. Wall Ball will be key. Rob:
    Additional Coaches - we will always welcome more to our sidelines. If you are interested in learning the game, just ask. Especially at the 2/3/4 level where we are needing help! And let’s be honest, if you stand to close to the field during a practice, and you might get pulled in to run a drill anyways!
    Practices - we will get started on Monday, August 29. The youth boys will be practicing every Monday. Practices will take place at Eagles (behind Rucker Elem) on the grass field. Here’s the schedule:
    • Pee Wee Lax (Kinder and 1st) - 4:30 to 5:15 p.m. [Note, just like the Spring, this will be an intro to lacrosse, skills based practices only, no pads, just sticks, which we will provide for all those that register by August 15]

    • 2nd/3rd/4th - 5:15 to 6:30 p.m.

    • 5th/6th - 6:15 to 7:30 p.m.

    • 7th/8th - 7:15 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

    Uniforms – More to come
    Weather - the weather number is 972-662-8999; it's updated at 3 p.m. Please do not start texting at noon on the day of a practice if it’s going to be happening. We don’t know… the coaches will make that call at 3 p.m. and communicate it via Remind.

    Equipment – we will have all of our extra gear at the first practice. Each player will need a helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves and a mouthguard. You are more than welcome to use any of the equipment we have. For returning players with extra gear laying around, please bring it out to the first practice. We have 40 first time players so anything you have will be needed. Also, the league is saying you have to have the new shoulder pads this year with the NOCSAE symbol. So if you buy new ones, please make sure the symbol is there. We are assuming the refs will be lenient this first season; however here are some links to the pads: Nike Vapor at Dicks Sporting Goods; STX Stallion 75 at SportsStop and Lacrosse Unlimited; STX Stallion 200 at Dicks Sporting Goods