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Prosper Boys, 5/6 Team Page

Welcome to the 5/6 Team Page!



    • Coach DeBolt, 315.719.8072
    • Coach Ben, 913.486.9303
    • Coach Jonathan, 817.401.5386

    Communication channels:

    • Designed to showcase our photos, blogs and team pages. It will be the one stop for all of the information you need.
    • Remind App: This is our most used channel for communication. It's for quick updates about weather concerns, field changes, or reminder for an action. All parents must be signed up for the app: 5th/6th Remind
    • Email Database: email if you'd like to be added to the email database.
    • Youth Facebook Page: Designed for both the youth girls and boys lacrosse community to converse, post about upcoming events, camps, etc.
    • Prosper Lacrosse Instagram Page: Designed for the entire Prosper Lacrosse community (youth and high school) to showcase the growth of lacrosse in Prosper.


    Covid Policy: 

    We follow Prosper ISD. If you are unable to attend school, then you will need to sit out from lacrosse as well.



    • Scheduled 5/6 practices are Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. on MP2 turf fields at Frontier Park
    • All players will need to complete at least 1 hour worth of Wall Ball EACH week. 15 minutes 4-5 times a week would be ideal! This can be completed at the fields or home.
    • Players should be dressed at the start of practice and passing with a partner
    • Bad Weather Hotline (972.662.8999) is updated daily at 3 p.m.; we will let everyone know via the Remind app


    Game Schedules:

    Each of the teams schedules are posted on DFW Lacrosse website. Any updates to fields and game times will be updated on these sites. 

    Note, uniforms are on track for Feb. 25. For games prior to that date, it's ok to wear a pinnie. 


    Team Rosters:

    We have three teams divided up with a Sixth Grade D2 (Black), Fifth Grade D2 (White) and a combined 5/6 D3 (Gray). The division of teams were based on lacrosse skills, lacrosse IQ and overall agility. If a player would like further explanation on where they stand, please reach out to Coach DeBolt. 

    Players with two teams next to their name will be swinging between two teams. They should attend the first team listed as priority.

    5/6 D2 Black Team
    Black/Gray Paxton Adams Middie/Defense 2028 (6th Grade)
    Black Seth Anderson Defense 2028 (6th Grade)
    Black Tyler Boswell Attack 2028 (6th Grade)
    Black Woods Day Attack 2028 (6th Grade)
    Black Grant DiSilvestro Middie/Defense 2028 (6th Grade)
    Black Beckett Fouts Defense 2028 (6th Grade)
    Black Brooks Hudson Attack 2028 (6th Grade)
    Black Luke Jaccar Middie/ Face-offs 2028 (6th Grade)
    Black Cooper Kern Middie 2028 (6th Grade)
    Black Jayden Land Middie/ Face-offs 2028 (6th Grade)
    Black/Gray Owen Lee Defense 2028 (6th Grade)
    Black Cade Leney Middie/ Attack 2028 (6th Grade)
    Black Bo Manning Middie 2028 (6th Grade)
    Black Andrew Reames Defense/Middie 2028 (6th Grade)
    Gray/Black Eli Straughan Defense/Middie 2028 (6th Grade)
    Black/Gray Cade Wheeler Goalie/Middie 2028 (6th Grade)
    Black Rylan Williams Middie 2028 (6th Grade)


    5/6 D2 White Team
    White Kole Acha Middie 2029 (5th Grade)
    White/Black Matthew Bodkin Middie/ Face-off/ Attack 2029 (5th Grade)
    White Hayes Crocker Middie/ Attack 2029 (5th Grade)
    White John Dossman Defense/ LSM 2029 (5th Grade)
    White/Gray Colton Gayheart Defense 2029 (5th Grade)
    White Hudson Genthner Defense 2029 (5th Grade)
    White Landon Genthner Middie/ Face-off 2029 (5th Grade)
    White Landon Hall Middie/ Defense 2029 (5th Grade)
    White Ryder Jones Middie/ LSM 2029 (5th Grade)
    White Lincoln Kobus Defense/ LSM 2029 (5th Grade)
    White/Gray Jack Leatherman Goalie/Defense 2029 (5th Grade)
    Gray/White Colin Rhode Goalie/Defense 2029 (5th Grade)
    White Ari Levy Middie/ Attack 2029 (5th Grade)
    White Micah Little Attack/Middie 2029 (5th Grade)
    Gray/White Jackson Meade Defense/LSM 2029 (5th Grade)
    White Brayden McCoy Attack 2029 (5th Grade)
    White Teagan Puckett Middie 2029 (5th Grade)
    White Jameson Ryzner Attack/Middie 2029 (5th Grade)
    White Vincent Sciano Attack 2029 (5th Grade)
    White Mark Stover Defense 2029 (5th Grade)
    White Alek Trampas Attack 2029 (5th Grade)
    White Dominic Zuluaga Middie 2029 (5th Grade)


    5/6 D3 Gray Team
    Gray Tyler Banks Defense 2029 (5th Grade)
    Gray Alicot Corder Defense 2028 (6th Grade)
    Gray Warner Finley Defense 2028 (6th Grade)
    White/Gray Colton Gayheart Defense 2029 (5th Grade)
    Gray Jax Goldsmith Middie 2029 (5th Grade)
    Gray/Black Brooks Hudson Attack 2028 (6th Grade)
    Gray Kade Jaquez Middie 2028 (6th Grade)
    Gray Camden Kreuter Middie/Defense 2029 (5th Grade)
    Gray Trent Lucas Middie/Defense 2029 (5th Grade)
    Gray Clark Magno Middie/Defense 2029 (5th Grade)
    Gray/White Jackson Meade Defense/Attack 2029 (5th Grade)
    Gray Lucas Polce Middie 2029 (5th Grade)
    Gray Cameron Reid Attack/Defense 2029 (5th Grade)
    White/Gray Jack Leatherman Goalie/Defense 2029 (5th Grade)
    Gray/White Colin Rhode Goalie/Defense 2029 (5th Grade)
    Black/Gray Cade Wheeler Goalie/Midfield 2028 (6th Grade)
    Gray Cristiano Romero Defense/Middie 2028 (6th Grade)
    Gray Drew Servais Middie/Defense 2029 (5th Grade)
    Gray Brody Silva  Attack/ Middie 2029 (5th Grade)
    Gray/Black Eli straughan Defense/Middie 2028 (6th Grade)
    Gray Luke Thielmier Attack 2028 (6th Grade)
    Gray Eli VanCleave Middie/Defense 2029 (5th Grade)
    Gray Caden Woods Defense/Middie 2028 (6th Grade)
    Gray Nikolai Zhukov Middie 2028 (6th Grade)