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Prosper Boys, 7/8 Team Page

Welcome to the 7/8 Team Page!



    • 7th Grade:
      • Joe - 650.515.0273
      • Jason - 972.768.5655
      • Brian - 516.633.9502
    • 8th Grade
      • Ben - 913.486.9303
      • Jon - 817.401.5386
      • Tim - 214.929.8275


    Communication channels:

    • Texting:  If you cannot make a practice or game, please text the three coaches listed for your grade level prior to it starting. Once it's started, they will not be checking phones.
    • Designed to showcase our photos, blogs and team pages. It will be the one stop for all of the information you need.
    • Remind App: This is our most used channel for communication. It's for quick updates about weather concerns, field changes, or reminder for an action. All parents and players should be signed up for the app:
    • Email Database: email if you'd like to be added to the email database.
    • Youth Facebook Page: Designed for both the youth girls' and boys' lacrosse community to converse, post about upcoming events, camps, etc.
    • Prosper Lacrosse Instagram Page: Designed for the entire Prosper Lacrosse community (youth and high school) to showcase the growth of lacrosse in Prosper.



    • Scheduled 7/8 practices are Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. on MP1 turf fields at Frontier Park
    • All players will need to complete at least 1 hour worth of Wall Ball EACH week. 15 minutes 4-5 times a week would be ideal! This can be completed at the fields or home. Newer players... 15-20 minutes a day will make your lacrosse experience 10x more enjoyable!
    • Players should be dressed at the start of practice and passing with a partner
    • Bad Weather Hotline (972.662.8999) is updated daily at 3 p.m.; we will let everyone know via the Remind app. Granted, we are on turf fields so unless there is lightning or windchills below 35, we'll most likely be practicing.


    Game Schedules:

    *NOTE: show up to the field 1 hour prior to the game starting.



    Our league is divided into three divisions: D1, D2 and D3. Prosper has a team in each of these. The D1 team will include the more experienced 8th graders, and the D2 team will include the more experienced 7th graders. While the numbers aren't exactly where we'd want them to create three full teams, we elected to form the D3 team to make sure players with 1 and 2 years of experience are able to get playing time, thus continuing to improve their skills and hopefully be ready for the upper divisions in the years to come. 

    While the new players are placed on the D3 team, they are more than welcome to attend the D1 and D2 games. Playing time could be limited depending on the game situations, but it's another opportunity to understand the flow of the game and start to understand the sport better. If there is a conflict between games time, please attend the game where you are assigned below unless otherwise told.

    We'll get Jersey Numbers added after the first game to the roster shared below. Let your coach know if you have any questions regarding the roster. 


    First Last Jersey Team
    Cade Wheeler   D1
    Cade Leney   D1
    Grant DiSilvestro   D1
    Jayden Land   D1
    Luke Jaccar   D1
    Nikolai  Zhukov   D1
    Paxton Adams   D1
    Rylan Williams   D1
    Seth Anderson   D1
    Taylor Hansen   D1
    Tyler Boswell   D1
    Alek Trampas 7 D2
    Camden Kreuter 1 D2
    Colin Rohde 13 D2
    Hayes Crocker 27 D2
    Hudson Genthner 9 D2
    Jackson Meade 25 D2
    Jameson Ryzner 37 D2
    John Dossman 32 D2
    Landon Genthner 10 D2
    Lincoln Kobus 21 D2
    Mark  Stover 19 D2
    Matthew Bodkin 51 D2
    Tyler Banks   D2
    Barrett McGuire   D3
    Branson Langley   D3
    Collin Schneider   D3
    Devin Weiss   D3
    Evan Faust    D3
    Jake Golden   D3
    Kaiden Grove   D3
    Liad Shalev   D3
    Lucas Robertson    D3
    Oakley Skinner   D3
    Parker  Rutledge   D3
    Saul  Loeza   D3