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February 11, 2023 3 min read

There is a well-known saying in lacrosse that the team who picks up the most ground balls will win. The root of it is hustle and desire, as the player that is giving the most effort will gain the ground ball. Ground balls are possessions, and the team that wins possession advantage will most likely win the game. However, this saying can only be true IF the team can pass and catch. Picking up a hard-fought ground ball is negated if it’s immediately turned over with a bad pass or even worse, a perfect pass is simply dropped. Being able to pass and catch is the most basic element of lacrosse and a necessity for success. It’s also a huge factor in gaining playing time as you’ll gain the trust of both the coaches and teammates.

You’ll hear coaches preach about wall ball for as long as you are around this game, from youth all the way through the best D1 programs in the country. It’s as simple as it gets. Throwing against a wall for at least 15-20 minutes a day will have a major impact on a player’s success, and even impact their love for this great game.

To kick off the Spring Season, we have created a wall ball leaderboard for 40 right-handed throws/catches and 40 left-handed throws/catches. To be listed on the leaderboard, send Coach Jason a video at 972-768-5655 with a time that is sub 4 minutes. For those already on the leaderboard (posted below), let’s keep working to lower your times. Let’s see how many we can get sub 2 minutes!

Let’s not just focus on the test when practicing. Hit the wall, get at least 100 right and 100 left each time out. If you knock it out in 5 minutes, do it again. If you can’t get to 100 each, do your best based on time available and you’ll see your efforts pay off before you know it. Lots of reps will lead to success. Then each Sunday, time the 40 right and 40 left to see the improvement. For the newer players, focus on practicing strong hand for 15 minutes, off hand for 5 minutes. Every week, do a test to see how many you can get in one minute, then work to improve it. Before you know it, you’ll be on the leaderboard!

For those with sub 2:30 times for the 40R/40L, let’s keep lowering your times, but let’s also knock out the actual wall ball test that can be found here. We’ll create a leaderboard for that as well. This test brings in more game experience with switching hands and command of the crosse.

Bottom line, start encouraging your sons to grab their stick and gloves (note, always throw with gloves on) each afternoon for a quick throw. If there isn’t a brick wall on the side of your house, every elementary school in Prosper has a solid brick wall where the kids can throw. Or head up to Frontier Park and use the wall ball area that was created specifically for lacrosse. And while this is some friendly competition, it’s also about teamwork. Encourage your buddy to join you. The more kids we have with sub 2 minute times on this leaderboard, the more successful our program will be! Let's get after it!


First Last Position Grade Wall Ball 40R/40L
Matthew Bodkin Attack 6th 1:41
Landon Genthner Middie 6th 1:41
Alek Trampas Attack 6th 1:42
Jack Leatherman Middie 6th 1:50
Lincoln Kobus Defense 6th 2:01
Ryder Jones Defense 6th 2:05
Hudson Genthner Middie 6th 2:07
John Dossman Middie 6th 2:15
Jayden Huffman Middie 5th 2:20
Gavin Johnson Attack 5th 2:20
Brady Stum Defense 6th 2:25
Jameson Ryzner Attack 6th 2:26
Holden Thomas Middie 6th 2:40
Micah Little Attack 6th 2:45
Jackson Meade Defense 6th 2:45
Jayce Land Land 5th 2:51
Camden Kreuter Attack 6th 3:02
Brayden McCoy Attack 6th 3:05
Hayes Crocker Middie 6th 3:15
Colton Gayheart Defense 6th 3:20
Kole Acha Middie 6th 3:28
Jack Leatherman Goalie 6th Goalie Stick 40R Only - 0:55
Trey Anderson Goalie 5th Goalie Stick 40R Only - 1:09
Colin Rhode Goalie 6th Goalie Stick 40R Only - 1:20
Mason Acha Goalie 5th Goalie Stick 40R Only - TBD