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April 12, 2022 1 min read

We receive a lot of details regarding camps, leagues and trainings. Instead of sharing them out individually, we're going to post them on this one blog post that you can keep checking back.

Please note, Prosper Lacrosse doesn't endorse a particular club or training, well sort of. We definitely endorse the one our HS program holds every summer!

We highly encourage our players to keep their lacrosse stick in their hands between the last game this Spring and the first practice this Fall. So please do something, even if it's just grabbing your friends and heading to the wall on a regular basis!

We'll also post club tryouts, which typically take place in July/August timeframe. Again, we do not endorse a particular club. It's about continuing to play lacrosse throughout the year.

Ask Coach DeBolt if you have questions. He's highly versed in all things lacrosse in North Texas (and beyond)!



Prosper High School Summer Camp June 5 and 6